NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti preorders and where to find stock – live report


And that’s a wrap on launch day! While the first several hours of the 4070 Ti release were affected by low overall stock and absurd listings with wildly inflated prices, inventory quickly stabilized and plenty of reasonable offerings have been available in both the US and UK ever since. Most if not all of the cards for sale we linked to earlier are still available, so if you want a 4070 Ti for a price decently close to MSRP, now is the time to nab one.

In the following days, it’s likely that we’ll see some new SKUs hit the market alongside some additional options for pre-built systems. On top of that, models that have sold out could become available again as retailers work to replenish their stock. We still recommend pulling the trigger as soon as you can while both prices and availability are this stable, though.

In any event, our live coverage of the 4070 Ti’s launch will continue as NVIDIA’s new elite 1440p gaming GPU makes its way to retailers worldwide. Stay tuned for more spotlights on individual 4070 Tis, pre-built PCs, and more.

We’re pretty late into the 4070 Ti launch day now, but even though many models of the card have sold out at this point, several SKUs of it priced at or (at least somewhat) close to MSRP have gone back in stock and available to buy at US retailers. This is great news if you’ve been waiting patiently for a decent price, although you’ll probably need to act fast since we don’t expect inventory of these GPUs to last for long.

Inventory at UK retailers, meanwhile, has so far remained very healthy throughout the 4070 Ti’s launch. The reasonably priced GPUs we highlighted earlier in the day are all still in stock, allowing you to comfortably snag the card without having to worry about inflated costs or scalpers ripping you off.



Availability of the 4070 Ti is still pretty limited in the US, but these new listings of the GPU on B&H and Newegg are some of the best we’ve seen on launch day so far. At $840 and $900 respectively, they’re decently close to MSRP and because of that, they’re a much better option than wildly overpriced alternatives.

It’s possible that additional cards at this price might release later, especially since some listings across various retailers haven’t gone live yet. For now, though, these are some of the best options available.

CyberPowerPC pre-built PCs

(Image credit: CyberPowerPC)

While it’s currently pretty tough to get a standalone 4070 Ti GPU for a decent price in the US, there are several pre-built gaming rigs equipped with the new card available. Put together by respected and reputable builders like CyberPowerPC and iBUYPOWER, these systems pair the 4070 Ti with top notch components like 13th Gen Intel and AMD Ryzen 7000 series CPUssome of the best DDR5 RAM modules on the market, and speedy high capacity SSDs. All of them also feature great cooling, and many even include lots of snazzy RGB lighting.

Prices for one of these PCs ranges from about $2,000-2,500, which isn’t bad considering how insanely expensive many 4070 Ti cards are individually right now. Below, you’ll find links to all available pre-builts equipped with the GPU listed by lowest to highest price, along with a quick and dirty overview of each system’s specifications.

If you’re in the UK, things are looking a lot better, both in terms of pricing and availability. While there’s only one 4070 Ti being sold at the card’s MSRP, there are a wide variety of models that are only slightly more expensive. Overall, you’ll find the best prices on Overclockers, Ebuyer, Novatech, and Box, although other retailers have some solid offers, too.

We’ve highlighted all of the best listings below, organized from lowest to highest price. Stock may not hold for long, so make sure you take advantage of these prices sooner rather than later.

Aside from the MSRP listings at B&H and Walmart that we highlighted previously, pickings are fairly slim at the moment in the US due to the 4070 Ti’s slow rollout and the explosive demand for the GPU.

Unfortunately, most available cards also have a ballooned price of $1,200+, which we don’t recommend pulling the trigger on unless you’re really, really desperate and have tons of money to burn. However, GIGABYTE does have a $900 variant of the 4070 Ti available on Newegg, which is currently the closest to MSRP you can get if you don’t want one of PNY’s cards.

If you’re trying to get a 4070 Ti at a price close to its MSRP, act fast on these B&H and Walmart listings for PNY’s variants of the graphics card. They’re only $800 and $830 respectively, which is fully in line with NVIDIA’s suggested price. The difference between the two GPUs is that the “OC” variant is overclocked, which should give you a small amount of extra performance.

Best Buy just dropped a range of pickup-only cards from various brands ranging from $840 to $1,050, although the ASUS TUF Gaming and standard variant still display ‘coming soon’ so grab the others at your nearby store while you can!

What power supply do you need for the RTX 4070 Ti?

Getting your hands on a brand new RTX 4070 Ti would be awesome, but it’s important to make sure your system has a power supply with enough capacity to actually support it. Since the 4070 Ti is rated for a maximum power draw of 285W, it’s best paired with a 750W PSU. A power supply of this caliber will give the graphics card the juice it needs for maximum performance while also providing enough power for other components like your CPU and RAM modules.

If you need to upgrade your PC’s PSU, you’ll be happy to know that even the best power supply units aren’t terribly expensive. You’ll have no problem finding a quality PSU that falls in the $100-150 range, provided you’re not looking at power supplies with extremely high 1000W+ capacities.

Should you buy an older graphics card instead of a 4070 Ti?

New graphics cards like the 4070 Ti are very expensive — more than they’ve ever been in the past, in fact. This, in addition to the fact that GPUs are also harder to find in stock than they used to be, makes cards from previous generations attractive alternatives.

While older GPUs like the RTX 3070, 3070 Ti, and 3080 won’t offer the same elite 1440p and ultrawide gaming performance you’d get with the 4070 Ti, they’re fairly easy to track down and are much more affordable, too. If you’re on a budget or a tight timeframe and you’re okay with sacrificing some performance, taking advantage of the best graphics card deals for an older GPU is a fantastic idea.

With that said, we recommend sticking with the 4070 Ti if you’re looking for an experience without compromise. It’s the most powerful 70 class card that NVIDIA has ever released, and it’s perfect for pushing high framerates at max settings with a 1440p or ultrawide display.

What time does the RTX 4070 Ti go on sale?

The RTX 4070 Ti became available around 6 am PT / 9 am ET / 2 pm GMT on January 5, 2023. That means it’s available right now as you’re reading thisso keep an eye out for listings!

If you see a listing that says “coming soon,” you should select it and refresh the page often. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to get the card right as it becomes available this way.

What is the RTX 4070 Ti’s price and MSRP?

The RTX 4070 Ti is less expensive than both RTX 4090 and the RTX 4080. While those graphics cards have eye-watering MSRPs of $1,599 and $1,199 respectively, the 4070 comes in at $799. As a result, it’s much more affordable, although it’s worth noting that it’s still a full $200 pricier than NVIDIA’s $599 RTX 3070 Ti from the previous GPU generation.

It’s also important to note that while the price of the 4070 Ti is starting at $799, models of the GPU sold by NVIDIA’s various manufacturing partners can (and surely will) be listed for a higher price. Typically, graphics cards with higher prices have bonus features like RGB lighting, customizable LED displays, water blocks, or some form of overclock.

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